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Your body is like a castle

Your immune system defends against germs

Immunity is “Capacity of the body to protect from diseases or infections.” If you are protected from a disease, you have immunity to it.

Immune system is considered to be the soldier of your body, as it protects you from all kinds of illness.The immune system is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs, and defends people from germs and microorganisms every day.

Why Immune system is important:

The atmosphere you live in is populated with trillions of germs. Every single breath that you inhale, every drop of water you drink or the every bite of food you eat, all contains germs. People are vulnerable to attack by germs. So, what make a person catch a disease while others stay healthy in same conditions?

It is nothing but the immune system’s strength. Strong immune system fights against those germs and keeps you protected. People, who have a weak immune system, may catch these diseases more easily.

So, your immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining proper health.